Monday, January 19, 2009

Privacy podcast with Annie Antón

15th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast.

Interview with Annie Antón

Privacy definition by Warren and Brandeis - the right to be let alone.

Scott McNealy said we dont have any privacy, and we should just get over it.

ChoicePoint, data aggregation company based in Alpharetta, that acts as a private intelligence service to government and industry, had major security breaches that lead to the theft of personal information, and now the changed... Corporate spankings actually work.

Only 1 American air lines answer privacy questions to great satisfaction (Alaskan Airline).

Toysmart case, their privacy policy said they wouldn’t collect or sell any information, but when they went bankrupt, they sold their database containing the names and ages of children - violating COPA (Child Online Protection Act), the parent company, Disney, decided to buy and destroyed it.

Problem with EULA is that it presents many information that a user does not care. EULA should be written as SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING for cigarettes.

time 25:16

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