Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VC podcast with Becky Bace

12th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast.

Interview with Becky Bace

As long as Kevin Mitnick stays on the straight and narrow - he got sentence, he served it, if the court says that they're fine with that, then I'm fine.

I never found the constraining of information about vulnerabilty by design to actually work.

when I started, ppl won talk about practical hack... what we suppose to do? talking about theories?

when we go to security conference, talk about vulnerabitly, the old guy stood up and say "hey we knew about this vulnerability 40 years ago! what you're talking about?!?"
Is it true?
and of course it turned out to be true...

in term of managing the stories that we have we're doing ok, job, but from academia point of view, we're not..

I am aventure consultant for a venture capital firm. Venture capitalists are basically
investors. They’re effectively folks who function as a commercial bank might, except that they do things that by nature are higher risk, hopefully for a higher return. So far, we’ve been fortunate with Trident.

And really good VCs—this was sort of a revelation to me — don’t sit around like Simon Legree and cackle wildly at the thought of impoverishing poor technical entrepreneurs.
They spend a lot of time and energy exploring the nature of evolving markets and also exercise a fair amount of resource and guidance for entrepreneurs. In the best of cases, a good VC is one who studies the area, knows the market cold, does a good
job of identifying fast-evolving markets, and then identifies the movers and shakers in those markets.

time: 23:39m

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