Sunday, November 30, 2008


flying diagonal with a determinate relation between angle and trajectory speed of the body, to obtain an air stream that permits lift and a precise control of flight


Thursday, November 20, 2008



Sunday, November 16, 2008

from the skty to the sea... eh balong ketang :-B

Dutch are crazy... in a cold sunday morning at 9 AM the parking lot of Vinkeveense Plassen was full of divers... I cant believe this... diving in cold lake during cold cloudy winter... to see what?!?

I know, I'm spoiled... Indonesia is _t_h_e__b_e_s_t_ dive place in the world, but still it's hard for me to understand what attacts all these crazy divers on dry suits?

Here I am, struggling to get into two 7 mm wetsuits, half naked in cold Sunday dive in a cold lake... where presumably all previous divers have shaken the mud...

Anyway it a good morning to test my brand new regulator & D4 :)

aaaand especially, it's been about 12 years since my last dive, if next year I want to dive again in Indonesia I have to start again...

Anyway visibility seemed surprisingly good...

The water was 8 degree... but it was OK... I'm happy that I consumed less air that I thought I might... and I was really relax even under very very close observation of Vincent & Manuela (I think impressed them hahaha :- and having a great time underwater. After skydiving everything seems soooo easy...

the usual mask take off & regulator trow test... and of we go...

Surprise surprise there were also some fish... and they are not shy at all...
there was a sunken bus, phone booth, some other stuff... traffic sign...

We didnt stay long, 38 minutes, but it overall it was a nice dive, my tank was only half empty...

Days are getting colder and colder, I dont know when I'm going dive again, but for this dive I'm very satisfied like a fish :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 things to do before I die

1. Wing suit
2. Wing suit
3. Wing suit
5. Free fly
6. Swimming/diving with Rhincodon typus, Mola mola, Manta birostris, and under the school of Sphyrnidae
7. Inca trail to machu picchu
8. See GWAR & Jane's Addiction live concert
9. 18000 feet freefall
10. peeing in Everest (dont eat yellow snow!!!)


Monday, November 10, 2008

VLC & Acrobat reader b0f

It's time to upgrade VLC and acrobat reader...

... hmm seems like the VLC homepage is down... too many request perhaps.

UPDATE: yes, there is Adobe Reader vulnerability exploited in the wild and it seemed that no AV product can detect it :(


Saturday, November 8, 2008

flying like a stone, falling like a bird

Great Saturday in Texel... managed to do 2 cold jumps... it wasnt that cold... but the wind was pretty strong... actually the problem started after I landed, got pull by the parachute :-B I guess, it's beginner's mistake...lesson learned.

1st jump from 9000 feet, I was a bit nervous... this is paradox, I feel much safer jumping from 15000 feet than jumping from 9000 feet.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Loïc Jean-Albert


Sunday, November 2, 2008

l'équipe de France VR-4 et VR-8

these guys are good, from




people dont believe me when I say skydiving is the most relaxing thing in this earth, watch this video of one of The Freefly Clowns: Omar Alhegelan

The Freefly Clowns:
Olav Zipser, Mike Vail, Omar Alhegelan, Charles Bryan, and Stefania Martinengo


Saturday, November 1, 2008

tax payers are suckers..

According to Wall Street Journal Financial giants owed their executives more than $40 billion for past years' pay and pensions as of the end of 2007...

$11.8 billion at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., $8.5 billion at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., and $10 billion to $12 billion at Morgan Stanley.

Considering US gov is injecting money to these big financial companies...

The Treasury is infusing $25 billion apiece into J.P. Morgan and Citigroup as it seeks to get credit flowing. In return, the federal government is getting preferred stock in the banks and warrants to buy common shares. The Treasury is injecting $125 billion into nine big banks and making a like amount available for other other banks that apply.


to legalize or not to legalize? That is the question

I never quite understand why people say prostitution is the oldest profession in the world... In fact I every time read somebody referring it as oldest profession, I feel annoyed, perhaps I because I want to believe that people are better animal than we tend to think, or perhaps because subconsciously I don’t want to believe that our ancestors are whores eheheh

Anyway this is a serious matter.

2 counties in Europe have diagonally opposite regulation in regards to prostitution:

Netherlands: legalized prostitution.

+ cutting the links between prostitution and multiple type of crime (from money laundering to smuggling).
+ solve he bad things that are associated with the sex trade (coercion, violence, infectious diseases).
+ police could then concentrate on criminals, instead of harassing people engaged in exchanges that were nobody’s business but their own.

- police are tied, they will be unable to deal even with obvious cases of abuse.
- no matter what, the bond between sex & organized crime will still remain strong.

Sweden: penalizing people who patronize prostitutes, through fines, jail time, and “naming and shaming”.

+ make it more difficult for organized crime to tap on sex money.
+ no control of infectious diseases.

- fear of prosecution reduces the chances of clients will report the exploitation of under-age.
- exporting sending sex-hungry Swedes to nearby countries or else to Thailand.

Sad interesting remarks: more than half the ladies posing in windows in Amsterdam red light district are there against their will.

The question is: which policy works best?

to legalize or not to legalize? that is the question

Personally, I respect/esteem prostitutes, as I don’t I will ever have the strength to do this kind of profession... I feel bad for them, serving all kind of bad clients...