Thursday, March 25, 2010

how corporation works in US, by Jon Stewart

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goldman Sachs: Frontrunning or Ponzi Scheme?

i'm stealing the headlines from

I like the Max guy, he is very cool

Goldman Sachs Insiders Steal 200 Million a Day - The best bloopers are a click away


Friday, August 7, 2009


active bear: 100 heart beats / min
hirbernating bear: ~ 8 heart beats /min

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Goldman Sachs: scum whom owns the world

this is a cool analysis of Goldman Sachs from Jon Steward..
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but he is not the only one realizing this,
Max Keiser has very interesting argument.

And also in this video, the YoungTurks have a very interesting point of view, invest 1 million and get 13 billion in return... not bad


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If I just followed CNBC advice I would have a millon dollar today.... provided I started with a 100 million dollars

i LOVE Jon Steward
he is simply greatly amazing...

i was following the escalation between Jon & Jim Cramer...

I realized not many people know what happened...

Here is where somewhere it stared:

March 4, 2009:

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Then March 9, 2009
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March 11, 2009: Jim Cramer Battle:
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there are many more videos in between, but then here is the full escalation, I dont sorry bad for Jim Cramer...

March 12, 2009: Jim Cramer Unedited Interview part 1
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Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 1
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March 12, 2009: Jim Cramer Unedited Interview part 2
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March 12, 2009: Jim Cramer Unedited Interview part 3
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Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 3
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I have no words...
"I cant tell you how angry that makes me…"
~ Jon Steward


Saturday, January 24, 2009

oil price gamble :(

Watch CBS Videos Online

In a five year period, hedge funds, and the big Wall Street banks had placed in the commodities future markets went from $13 billion to $300 billion.

the price of the oil went up from ~60 to 147$ in less than a 1 year.. supply and demand alone cannot caused that.

Between Q4'07 until Q2'08 the world wide supply of oil went up while the demand went down, and this is the time where there was the fastest surge of oil price increase...
the only thing that lifted the price went up was the investor demand, alias gamblers of the price of the oil.

Demand created was created on Wall Street by hedge funds and the big Wall Street investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and J.P. Morgan, who made billions investing hundreds of billions of dollars of their clients’ money.

Who would have known that Morgan Stanley is "the largest oil company in the world"?
it doesn't own or control oil wells or refineries, or gas stations,but is a significant player in the wholesale market through various entities controlled by the corporation.

It's impossible to tell exactly who was buying and selling all those oil contracts because most of the trading is now conducted in secret...

Enron managed to convince the US gov to deregulate the commodity market, so the can control the direction of energy future market, they we're able to drive the price of electricity up, some say, by as much as 300 percent on the West Coast... when Enron went bust, their trader became the most valuable employee on Wall Street

It finally popped with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the near collapse of AIG, who were both heavily invested in the oil markets. With hedge funds and investment houses facing margin calls, the speculators headed for the exits.

From July 15th until the end of November, roughly $70 billion came out of commodities futures from these index funds, while, gasoline demand went down by roughly 5% over that same period of time. Yet the price of crude oil dropped more than $100 a barrel. It dropped 75%...

what the hell the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was doing during this whole time?!?


gambling that brought down the world: Credit Default Swap

legalized illegal gambling brought this world to its knee...
It's a disgusting zero sum game of financial people... they got filthy rich, create nothing, and make other suffer.

Watch CBS Videos Online


Monday, December 15, 2008

$50 billion hole in a pyramid scheme

I'm speechless.

what to say about $50 billion hole in a pyramid scheme?

when we analyze this economic crisis, we can be blame people who work in financial companies.. they earn TONS of money but creates nothing except disaster... many people lost their live savings.

it is worst than zero sum game

but nothing compares to $50 billion hole in pyramid scheme arranged by Bernard Madoff ex NASDAQ chairman...

on second thought, pension system in some countries is actually a legalized pyramid scheme...

On further note, many investors who invest in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC KNEW Bernie had to be cheating, because the returns he was generating were impossibly good. But they thought it was insider trading, not a Ponzi scheme.

What the hell is the regulators & the auditors were doing???


Saturday, November 1, 2008

tax payers are suckers..

According to Wall Street Journal Financial giants owed their executives more than $40 billion for past years' pay and pensions as of the end of 2007...

$11.8 billion at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., $8.5 billion at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., and $10 billion to $12 billion at Morgan Stanley.

Considering US gov is injecting money to these big financial companies...

The Treasury is infusing $25 billion apiece into J.P. Morgan and Citigroup as it seeks to get credit flowing. In return, the federal government is getting preferred stock in the banks and warrants to buy common shares. The Treasury is injecting $125 billion into nine big banks and making a like amount available for other other banks that apply.


to legalize or not to legalize? That is the question

I never quite understand why people say prostitution is the oldest profession in the world... In fact I every time read somebody referring it as oldest profession, I feel annoyed, perhaps I because I want to believe that people are better animal than we tend to think, or perhaps because subconsciously I don’t want to believe that our ancestors are whores eheheh

Anyway this is a serious matter.

2 counties in Europe have diagonally opposite regulation in regards to prostitution:

Netherlands: legalized prostitution.

+ cutting the links between prostitution and multiple type of crime (from money laundering to smuggling).
+ solve he bad things that are associated with the sex trade (coercion, violence, infectious diseases).
+ police could then concentrate on criminals, instead of harassing people engaged in exchanges that were nobody’s business but their own.

- police are tied, they will be unable to deal even with obvious cases of abuse.
- no matter what, the bond between sex & organized crime will still remain strong.

Sweden: penalizing people who patronize prostitutes, through fines, jail time, and “naming and shaming”.

+ make it more difficult for organized crime to tap on sex money.
+ no control of infectious diseases.

- fear of prosecution reduces the chances of clients will report the exploitation of under-age.
- exporting sending sex-hungry Swedes to nearby countries or else to Thailand.

Sad interesting remarks: more than half the ladies posing in windows in Amsterdam red light district are there against their will.

The question is: which policy works best?

to legalize or not to legalize? that is the question

Personally, I respect/esteem prostitutes, as I don’t I will ever have the strength to do this kind of profession... I feel bad for them, serving all kind of bad clients...


Friday, October 31, 2008

Rip off robbery

According to the World bank, last year 190m migrant workers sent cash home, for total amount of $337 billion

The robbery story is that: On average, sending $500 from Spain to Brazil will incur a modest charge of $7.68, or a 1.5% fee. Sending the same sum from the Netherlands to Indonesia costs a whopping $86.41, a 17.3% charge.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

salary of Lehman Brothers' CEO

While on Sept 15th, Lehman Brothers (LEH) shares tumbled 80% in U.S. pre-open trade, bringing down The Dow Jones closed down 500 points , the largest drop since the days following the attacks on September 11, 2001... It's curious to find out that Richard S. Fuld, Jr. is in the top 2% of American CEOs salary: $71.9 million.

It's disquieting to find out that Lehman’s 11 directors are over the age of 70. In declining order: John D. Macomber, principal of JDM Investment Group, is 80. So is economist Henry Kaufman. Roger S. Berlind, a theatrical producer, is 77. Thomas H. Cruikshank, retired chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company, is 76. And John F. Akers, retired chairman of IBM, is 73. Each of them has been a member of Lehman’s board for almost 15 years on average. (see: Where Was Lehman's Board? )

Lehman Brothers is bankrupt. Merrill Lynch is being swallowed by Bank of America. Bear Stearns is already dead. American International Group (AIG), the biggest insurance company in the world, is also going down... Is this the start of the beginning of the end?


Sunday, September 7, 2008

the bottom 1.4 billion

april 2007: World Bank said 986m people worldwide suffered from extreme poverty -1st time its count had dropped belo 1 billion
on aug 26th it had, Shaohua Chen & Martin Ravallion said the number of poor was almost 1.4 billion.

people are poor if they cannot match the standard of living of someone living for $1.25 a day in america in 2005.